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About Milton Factory

About Milton Factory

Milton knitting Bulgaria and embroidery is a manufacturer of all types of fully-fashioned knitwear . We produce all types of knitted garment – from sweater and hat, to blankets and pants – invent your product and we will make your sample, we will organize the whole process and we will deliver the finished product to the desired destination!

We are a family company established in 1992. Initially, the main activity was embroidery.
Since 2005 it has been expanding its activity with linear knitting and ready-made knitwear.
All this time the company has been trying to invest actively, especially in terms of technology and know-how:
-builds its own production building with an area of ​​3000 sq.m, offering excellent working conditions
-the machines and technical equipment that are purchased are new.

We combine the latest technologies in the production of knitted garments with a modern management process to produce and deliver the highest quality knitted products. Scope of the service: from end to end – from creating a pattern for your models, sampling, sizing, production, labeling to the delivery of a finished product.
We support our customers in achieving their goals!

Last But not least – over the years, Milton has proven itself as an expert in knitwear. It has built a strong and cohesive team of specialists in every step of knitting production.
As a result we work with brands of women’s, men’s and children’s knitwear from around the world, many of which are famous and reputable. For example: Vanessa Bruno, Esemplare, Navigare, Bogner, Emporio Armany and many more. Here you can see some of the models produced in our factory: GALERY

The factory is located in Bulgaria at the address 5800 Pleven, 134 RA Storgozia,

You can read more about Milton Complex here:

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