Milton - Knitting and Embroidery factory


Milton began working with embroidery in 1992.
We have a capacity of 42 embroidery heads of the ZSK brand:

  1. Model ZSK-J06 / 11 – production Germany
  2. Model ZSK-174/12
  3. Model ZSK / B 218/18
  4. Model ZSK-JAFA 0612-495
    We have embroidery software, in order to best reproduce projects at the request of clients – emblems, inscriptions, floral motifs and much more. The embroidery is definitely one of the largest, with the best equipment in Bulgaria. This guarantees us good quality and many customers.
    We work exclusively with quality materials. For embroidery we buy threads, underlays and special materials from – Madeira, Gunold, Amann, Coast – Germany.

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